Learn to Hula Hoop!

April was 60 years old when she received her first hula hoop as a gift. This sparked her joy of hooping and began a new adventure. First, April learned waist hooping, or attempting to keep the hoop moving in circles without dropping it. She found waist hooping a good workout and great for adding definition in her midsection.

Next April started learning hoop dancing tricks. There are hundreds of different ways to move hula hoops in different ways. As April learned individual tricks, she began putting them together into a sequence or dance routine.

Hula hooping is a good physical workout for the body and creates new neural pathways opening strengthening the brain’s plasticity or ability to adapt. Explore your creativity, enjoy dancing and moving.

Want to learn more? Contact April to learn more about hooping or to purchase a custom hoop for dance or fitness hooping.