Academy Award Winner Predictions from Dann Gire and Raymond Benson

Tonight Daily Herald film critic Dann Gire and author Raymond Benson shared their Academy Award winner predictions at the McHenry Library.

While we enjoy movies, the backlist in our Netflix queue currently holds our attention. This year we saw “The Hobbit” and “Skyfall” in the theaters, mostly due to invitations from our adult kids. Both Dann and Raymond said Adele’s song “Skyfall” will mostly likely win the Oscar for the Best Original Sound category.

Dann and Raymond offered their personal predictions for all the Oscar categories and their reasoning for each pick. I was surprised how often they agreed on their choices. We viewed several film clips which illustrated their points.


Ray’s favorite movie this year is “Moonrise Kingdom” and Dann’s favorite is “Zero Dark Thirty.”

During their presentation, I noted their best guesses for winners. I’ll be comparing their predictions with the actual winners this weekend.

Best Picture: They both agreed on “Argo.”

Dann and Raymond are regulars at the Schaumburg and Arlington Heights Libraries. Come out to see one of their film programs and enjoy the banter between these two experts.

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