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My friends at Fine Featherheads surprised me with a cool swag bag! Guess what was inside?

April M. Williams wearing Fine Featherheads Native earrings

April M. Williams wearing Fine Featherheads Native earrings

The Native Earrings are a unique combination of 3 natural, maroon, and turquoise feathers. The dangly pair touch my shoulder with the feather itself just over three inches long. Since each pair of earring is made with unique feathers, no two are identical.

The Fly Ties are soft stretchy hair ties that will not damage your hair extensions. Fly Ties can also be used as bracelets.

Orchid Fly Ties from Fine Featherheads

Fine Featherheads are best known for their feather hair extensions and ship both retail and to salons around the world. Dakota and her partner Ryan visit campuses and beauty shows near and far. Check out their Fine Featheheads blog to read about their adventures.

Who are the Fine Featherheads? Fine Featherheads was first born in early 2010 when founder Dakota Hills started selling feathers at concerts and farmers markets in Boulder, CO with her sister Dana. Dakota quickly saw the greater potential of these beautiful creations and started visiting salons across the country to show off her product. The product literally sold itself and word spread like wildfire.

Now Dakota has a whole staff and the Fine Featherhead Family assists her with production, packaging, shipping and customer service. Check out the Fine Featherheads on Facebook.

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