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3 Easy Ways You can Change the World

How would you like to change the world–right now?

It’s actually quite easy.

You don’t need special credentials. Any ordinary person can do it.

Six ordinary families from Algonquin have changed the world, at least for one village in Kenya, and we invite you to change it with us.

Before we get to how you can change the world with us, here is a little information about what we’ve done so far. Over the past three years, through our partnership with Global Hope Network International, the village of Gambella, Kenya, has seen remarkable transformation. Here are just a few:

  • The village previously had no school, and would meet under a tree whenever a teacher would come to the village. Now they have eight classrooms, with eight teachers, and their school test scores were the best in their entire district!
  • Gambella was a pastoral community, making a living off of their goats and other animals. Climate change has had a severe impact on the area though, and it is difficult to find land for animals to graze. Gambella is now learning to farm, to supplement their income and food supply.
  • The nearest health facility was in the town of Isiolo, which is a 15 km (about 9 miles) walk–one way. They now have a wellness center in the village, where basic health education and needs are addressed.

    Gambella School Children. Photo credit “Mary Lossau”

What’s Next?

We have one last project that we want to help Gambella with, before we end our partnership (we believe strongly in sustainability, and not creating dependency). In order to help Gambella to increase the crops that they can grow, we need to find a way to help them irrigate more land. A bore hole was drilled for them, and when I was there last summer, the villagers kept asking me to help them get a pump to draw the water out. It is always windy in Gambella, so we are going to help them put up a windmill to draw the water out.

Get Involved

This is where you can help change the trajectory of an entire village! We have three opportunities for you to help:

  • We are having our 3rd Annual Garage Sale 4 Gambella, June 7-9, and we are in need of donated items to sell at the garage sale. If we can raise $1500 at the garage sale, we have a donor that will match our sales with an additional $1500. This is our greatest need, and the easiest place for you to get involved. Simply look around your house for items to donate. Learn more about the garage sale, and how to donate here.
  • We will be cleaning ambulances, and will be paid for each vehicle we clean, and would love to have you join us to help us clean more ambulances. This is tentatively scheduled for late-August. Currently, we are in the process of reading lots of handheld vacuum reviews, as we will be purchasing a few for the effort.
  • We will be having a 5K Run/1M Walk for Gambella. The entry fees will go toward the windmill. The run is tentatively scheduled for mid-September.

Learn more about us, and how you can get involved, at http://algonquin4gambella.org