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Author Matt Brauer with His Hero Bob Newhart

Comedian and author Bob Newhart is Matt Brauer’s hero. Bob Newhart grew up in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, near Oak Park, in a working class family. His early career included pin spotter at a local bowling alley, law clerk and accountant before Bob’s comedy routines were picked up by local radio stations. The rest is history.

During our Algonquin Area Writers Group holiday book swap, I received a copy of Bob’s book I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This!: And Other Things That Strike Me as Funny from Matt Brauer. With the book came the story of why Bob Newhart was Matt’s hero.

Through some wheeling and dealing with Bob Newhart’s crew, I arranged to get an autographed picture of Bob for Matt. He was thrilled to receive this gift. Thanks Bob!

Authors Matt Brauer and April M. Williams with a authographed picture of Bob Newhart

Authors Matt Brauer and April M. Williams with a autographed picture of Bob Newhart

All you Bob Newhart fans can keep up with him by following Bob on Facebook and Twitter.