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Where to Get Your Own QR Code or 2D Barcode for Your Website

Are you looking for a QR generator to create a QR code for your website? Or are you wondering what those funny black and white squares are anyway?

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a scannable graphic. The QR code graphic can be scanned and read by applications using the auto focus feature in the mobile device’s camera. Popular smartphones include the IPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Why use a QR code?

Data can be encoded within the QR code including a website URL or contact information.

Where can I get a QR code?

There are many companies that will generate QR codes. Some of the sites restrict the type of data that can be encoded or include an expiration date.

To find a QR code generator, enter “QR code generator” into Google or your favorites search engine. We created our QR code with Kaywa.

“Where Are You Today?” website QR Code:

"Where Are You Today?" travel blog QR code

"Where Are You Today?" travel blog QR code

Here is the code for our “Where Are You Today?” site. Our website URL is embedded in the graphic. Using a scanner application on your smart phone, you canĀ  scan the graphic and our website will open up in a browser window.

How are you using QR codes in your business? Click on “comments” and let us know.