Where to Get Your Own QR Code or 2D Barcode for Your Website

Are you looking for a QR generator to create a QR code for your website? Or are you wondering what those funny black and white squares are anyway? What is a QR code? A QR code is a scannable graphic. The QR code graphic can be scanned and read by applications using the auto focus […]

Wireless Security: Best Practices

In today‚Äôs world of technology, we are no longer tethered to the Cat5 cable at the end our Internet accessible device. With each new and improved device manufactured, wireless access is now the norm. So how do you protect yourself, your data and your identity when using a standard that is inherently flawed in its […]

Microsoft Retail Takes on Apple and Apple Store in Oak Brook

Microsoft opens their first Illinois retail store in Oak Brook, Illinois as they get ready to take on Apple and the popular Apple Stores. Microsoft invited us to tour the new store and share our thoughts with you. The Microsoft Windows 7 logo is the only signage outside the store, just like Apple Stores use […]