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United States Postal Service unveiled new 32 cent Aloha stamps

The United States Postal Service unveiled new 32 cent Aloha stamps this week in Honolulu, Hawaii. Governor Neil Abercrombie participated in the ceremony wearing, of course, an Aloha shirt. See the series of event photos on Facebook shot by Rick Li.

New "Aloha Shirt" USPS stamps

According to the Post Office, Carl Herrman created these stamps using photos by Ric Noyle. The five colorful Hawaiian shirts on the page range in hue and bold designs. The red shirt depicts Kilauea, an active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. The blue and orange shirt shows off exotic Bird of Paradise flowers. Two other shirts feature surf boards and surfers. The last shirt sports sea creatures.

Governor Abercrombie at the unveling of the new "Aloha Shirt" USPS stamps

Governor Abercrombie at the unveiling of the new "Aloha Shirt" USPS stamps. Photo credit Ricki Li @hiishootstuff

This is not the first stamp to feature Hawaii people or places. The 41 cent stamp pictures Diamond Head Lighthouse on Diamond Head Road just east of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.

Diamond Head Lighthouse

Diamond Head Lighthouse across from Diamond Head volcano on a steep Pacific Ocean cliff in Honolul, Hawaii

These are just a few of the stamps featuring Hawaii people, places or lifestyle.


Aloha Shirt Paradise in Honolulu Hawaii

In this episode of “Where Are You Today” we visit David Bailey of Bailey’s Antiques and Aloha Shirts.

A few years ago while in Honolulu, Hawaii, we walked down Kapahulu Street and spotted a unique store. Located just outside Waikiki is Bailey’s Antiques and Aloha Shirts. Although it started as an antique store, Bailey’s primary business is the barter and sale of Aloha shirts. The store is packed with over 15,000 Aloha shirts priced from under $10 to thousands of dollars. Most shirts are vintage new while others are new.

Shirts are the focal point in this store. You will find other Hawaiian related items like books, drinking glasses and jewelry at the store. The selection changes daily. If you find something you like, take it home because it may not be there on your next visit.

Bailey’s will help you if you have a special request for a specific shirt. They will keep an eye out for your desired color, pattern and style then send you photos of shirts that come into the store.

We talked with David Bailey’s about the origin of Aloha shirts and his unique store. Did you know these shirts were created by a kimono maker?

Click on the image below to view this episode of “Where Are You Today?”