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Hobby Fans RC Racing at HobbyTown USA

Radio control car fans are racing for action at the new RC car track in McHenry County. HobbyTown customers are excited about the store’s move from Crystal Lake to Lake in the Hills, Illinois.

"Where Are You Today?" visits HobbyTown USA LITH

“Where Are You Today?” visits HobbyTown USA LITH. Photo credit @noelfwilliams

The new location for this toy and hobby store features an indoor track. Racers told me this is a big improvement over the previous location. The track was outdoors and only used when the weather was dry. The warmer indoor track makes winter racing more pleasant.
Racing 4

“This car goes approximately 25 to 30 miles an hour depending on the battery, gearing and motor,” said Matt, one of the racers. When I asked how much a RC car cost, Matt continued, “I have about $1,000 invested in this car. Though you could put another couple hundred on it if you wanted to.”

For information on the store, practice and racing hours for the track, visit HobbyTown online or on Facebook.

Click on the image below to view this episode of “Where Are You Today?” and see the cars and racers in action.

R/C Car Bible: How to Build, Tune and Drive Electric and Nitro-Powered

R/C Car Bible: How to Build, Tune and Drive Electric and Nitro-Powered

Spotlight McHenry County Illinois Business

We will highlight selected McHenry County, Illinois businesses on this blog over the next several weeks. Located in northwest Illinois, McHenry County is a diverse blend of retail, wholesale, manufacturing and agricultural business.

Woodstock is the country seat. Housing options range from in-town condominiums to single family homes on large lots to rural homes and farms.

McHenry County includes these Northern Illinois suburbs, cities or villages and unincorporated areas.
* Algonquin
* Barrington Hills
* Cary
* Crystal Lake
* Fox Lake
* Fox River Grove
* Greenwood
* Harvard
* Hebron
* Huntley
* Island Lake
* Johnsburg
* Lake in the Hills
* Lakemoor
* Lakewood
* Marengo
* McHenry
* Oakwood Hills
* Port Barrington
* Prairie Grove
* Richmond
* Ringwood
* Spring Grove
* Trout Valley
* Wonder Lake
* Woodstock
* Unincorporated McHenry county

Adding these cities based on reader input
* Alden
* Big Foot
* Chemung

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*** Additions to the list: Thanks to David for sharing this information:

The 200 or so residents of Alden, Illinois may feel a bit slighted. Alden is at the intersection of Rte 173 and County Hwy 1, between Hebron and Harvard. Big Foot is another McHenry Co. community, at the intersection of State Line Road and route 14 north of Harvard. It is in Wisconsin and Illinois. Chemung is a small community on route 173 west of Harvard.

My apologies to Alden, Big Foot and Chemung for omitting them from the list above. Before writing this article, I contacted the McHenry County Webmaster to be sure I had all the municipalities. This was the response I received.

RE: Cities in McHenry County

Please refer to:


Lists all the websites for all the Villages/Cities in McHenry County…Thanks..

I wonder if McHenry County knows you guys are there in Alden, Big Foot and Chemung……