Hawaii Destination Wedding

Does your dream destination wedding include Hawaii? Friends recently asked me to recommend Hawaiian tours, resorts, destinations and wedding event planners for their upcoming Hawaiian wedding. We frequently visit the islands and have ideas we can suggest. For our trips, we design our own itinerary then reservations accordingly.

Since we are not familiar with wedding planning, Hawaiian tour planning, resorts and destination weddings, we offered to ask for recommendations.

The couple has a flexible schedule and is looking to tie the knot this fall or winter. The wedding could be in Hawaii or Hawaii may be their honeymoon destination. They would like to have an outdoor wedding. The couple is Catholic though a non-denominational ceremony is acceptable.

The group would like to visit one or two islands during their stay. Several friends and family members will accompany them on their trip. Four star hotels would be appropriate. During their stay, they are interested in activities though like to enjoy relaxing down time too. ATV rides or helicopters sound like fun. An all day hike into Haleakala is more active than they like. Pools and beaches are not a big draw.

They would like someone to arrange the wedding: license, photographer, official, meal, etc.

If you were married in Hawaii: What locations do you recommend? Any words of wisdom to share? I have a photographer lined up for their wedding for Shine Pics, but I’m a little lost on the rest of their requests.

If you are a Hawaii business: What services can you offer or recommend? Resorts, hotels, photographers with large portfolios of stock photos, activities, etc?

Sunrise over Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Sunrise over Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, Oahu

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Destination Wedding

  1. Wendy Richardson

    Our wedding was outdoors on the farm, but we spent two weeks on the islands of Maui and Kauai for our honeymoon.We loved both and have returned to Kauai. We are certainly not experts on either island. We definitely like the Hanalei area of Kauai much more than the southern part of the island. The north seems more local. There is lots to do or not do…great beaches and snorkeling, surfing, kayak trips, hiking, exploring sunsets, or just sitting and watching the day go by. We spent every sunset waiting to see a greenflash. The southern side has more of a resort feel to it. Maui has many of the same activities with more resort areas. The road to Hana with at least an overnight in Hana is a must do for us. We loved exploring the area and were lucky enough to be able to rent a house out in a lush, tropical area full of banana and avacado trees, birds and geckos, outdoor shower, screened in sleeping area…what a paradise. We also had a great day watching sunrise at the top of Haleakala and exploring the crater after. We searched the western side of Maui looking for the best snorkeling spots. We hope to return to both again.

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