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Aloha from Beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui!

Aloha from beautiful island of Maui! As a resident of Hawaii and a travel agent I make it a point to experience the islands as my clients would during their stay. This includes checking out hotels, resorts, and condos in Hawaii as well as tours and excursions.

Today’s blog is about my recent trip to the island of Hawaii aka “The Big Island.”  There is much to see and do on “The Big Island” for example, visit an active volcano, check out a black sands beach, ride horseback in a remote valley, and more!

During my 3 day stay I stayed on the Kona side of the island for 1 night and 2 nights on the Waikoloa side. Both locations would be the resort side of the islands. Kona town is very laid back. It reminds me of Front Street in Lahaina, Maui 20 years ago.

There are many great places to eat, shop and drink. One of my favorites and a “must do” when in Hawaii  is the Kona Brewing Company.


Waves at Laupahoehoe Point

Waves at Laupahoehoe Point. Photo credit Hawaii Visitor Bureau

The other 2 nights I stayed in the more deluxe or luxury location on the island. This would be on the Kohala Coast in Waikoloa. Here you are surrounded by lava fields and 2 of the prettiest sandy beaches in Hawaii. The Big island of Hawaii does not have a lot of sandy beaches, so this location is great if you are a beach person.

Purple Orchids

Purple Orchids Photo credit Hawaii Visitor Bureau

The Kohala Coast is world renown for their golf courses with spectacular mountain and ocean views. There are 20 golf course on Hawaii’s Big Island, many that are carved out of ancient lava flows and meander past historical Hawaiian landmarks.

Hot magma flowing from Hawaiian Volcanoes

Hot magma flowing into the sea from Hawaiian Volcanoes Photo credit Hawaii Visitor Bureau

Another fun thing to do is to go on a 2 hour dinner cruise. This is a great way to get out and enjoy the water and the great views that Hawaii has to offer.  This is a great activity for honeymooners!

Hawaii Revealed Books Review

People often ask me how we find off the beaten path places the “Where Are You Today?” crew visits. Many of our travel ideas come from reading books, magazines, newspapers and blogs.

The books we use the most are the “Revealed” series of books by Andrew Doughty and Harriet Friedman. The candid reviews tell it like it is. If you are planning a trip to the Hawaiian islands, I highly recommend these books for your trip.

These books were our constant companions on our first trips and enhanced our experience. The activities and hotel information we not sugar coated. The margins of our books are filled with notes and additional facts we add each trip back. The publisher posts updates on a website so the content stays up to date.

Mars? No. Haleakala National Park Maui, Hawaii

Mars? No. Haleakala National Park Maui, Hawaii. Photo credit: Noel F. Williams


Oahu was the first Hawaiian island we visited. We purchased for the in depth activity and sightseeing information. Detailed reviews and aerial photos of hotels combined with zoned maps gave us the tools we needed to choose lodging to meet our comfort levels.

We rented a car and planned day trips based on the recommended routes. This book was our user guide as we navigated around the island. When we visited Pearl Harbor, we were glad we followed the suggestions to arrive early to reserve our tickets to visit the Arizona Memorial.

The book includes tips like: “This Chinese restaurant does not serve tea unless you ask for it.”

The section on Hawaiian words and Pidgin or Hawaiian slang proved very helpful.


Maui was the next island we visited and we were glad to have the

Big Island of Hawaii

On our trip the the Big Island of Hawaii, we made sure to bring


When visiting Kauai, check out the

Hawaii Destination Wedding

Does your dream destination wedding include Hawaii? Friends recently asked me to recommend Hawaiian tours, resorts, destinations and wedding event planners for their upcoming Hawaiian wedding. We frequently visit the islands and have ideas we can suggest. For our trips, we design our own itinerary then reservations accordingly.

Since we are not familiar with wedding planning, Hawaiian tour planning, resorts and destination weddings, we offered to ask for recommendations.

The couple has a flexible schedule and is looking to tie the knot this fall or winter. The wedding could be in Hawaii or Hawaii may be their honeymoon destination. They would like to have an outdoor wedding. The couple is Catholic though a non-denominational ceremony is acceptable.

The group would like to visit one or two islands during their stay. Several friends and family members will accompany them on their trip. Four star hotels would be appropriate. During their stay, they are interested in activities though like to enjoy relaxing down time too. ATV rides or helicopters sound like fun. An all day hike into Haleakala is more active than they like. Pools and beaches are not a big draw.

They would like someone to arrange the wedding: license, photographer, official, meal, etc.

If you were married in Hawaii: What locations do you recommend? Any words of wisdom to share? I have a photographer lined up for their wedding for Shine Pics, but I’m a little lost on the rest of their requests.

If you are a Hawaii business: What services can you offer or recommend? Resorts, hotels, photographers with large portfolios of stock photos, activities, etc?

Sunrise over Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Sunrise over Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, Oahu