Milwaukee Pedal Tavern Bicycle Pub Crawl

Take your next Milwaukee pub crawl on a Pedal Tavern bicycle powered party. Sixteen people can hire this mobile party on wheels. Get your exercise and enjoy drink specials at the same time. Tours take guests to pubs and bars in Milwaukee’s Third District.

Up to 1o passengers do the pedaling while additional riders can relax and enjoy. Leave the steering to the company employee.

The middle section is open for a guest to play bartender and serve food. Bring your own food and music to enjoy on your ride.

Rates vary based on the date and time. Figure about $10 an hour for a full bike.

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Milwaukee Pedal Tavern

Milwaukee Pedal Tavern

Tomahawk Wisconsin Memorial Day Main Street Memories Car Show

Tomahawk, located in north central Wisconsin, is home to the annual Main Street Memories Car Show. This city of 3,800, according to the Tomahawk city website is north of Wausau. Tomahawk is located on Lake Mohawksin, which is formed by the Somo, Tomahawk, and Wisconsin Rivers.

Cars were the star attraction of the 17th annual event. Wisconsin Street, the main drag in town is closed to motor traffic. Three hundred classic cars parked nose to end in the middle of the street. Pedestrians strolled along admiring the cars.

Kids enjoyed pony ride and balloon animals. Service organizations, the Tomahawk Fire Department and restaurants served up festival foods including cheese curds. A craft fair was also held over the weekend.

Here are a couple of the classic cars we saw at the Tomahawk Wisconsin Memorial Day Main Street Memories Car Show.

Classic car at the Tomahawk, Wisconsin Main Street Memories Car Show

Classic car at the Tomahawk, Wisconsin Main Street Memories Car Show

Pedestrians enjoyed viewing the classic cars

Pedestrians enjoyed viewing the classic cars

Winterfest Lake Snow Scuplting in Geneva Wisconsin

Today we hopped across the state line for the 15th annual Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Winterfest. The event includes helicopter rides, ice fishing derby, food, drink and shopping at local merchants. On frozen Lake Geneva cars, ice fishermen, cars, ATVs and motorcycles, skaters, walkers and dogs intermixed. A few swans patrolled the only unfrozen section of the lake.

The big draw for us is the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Championships. This year 15 teams from across the country competed for the title. Earlier in the week I watched as they prepared the first snow mold. A 6 foot wide by 9 foot tall cylinder is packed with snow. Rumor has it that this snow is gathered from the Rockford Airport runway as they clear the path for airplanes. Once the cylinder is partially filled with snow, people stomp on the snow till it is packed solid. These steps are repeated until the cylinder is full. The sculptors use hand tools to create their artwork.

Take a look at a few of the statues and the scene at the festival. Check out the hog on the Harley motorcycle. Click on the image below to view this episode of “Where Are You Today?”

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